There's that word again, workflow... What does it mean? 

In essence, it means how quickly you can get your product from A to B. Whether that be a photograph from a camera into a computer then onto a publisher or agency, or footage from a camera into an asset management solution then onto an NLE and out for delivery. Everyone has their own way of working and regardless of how quick or efficient that is, that is your workflow.   

Over the years we have used many pro apps to produce material, from Avid, FCP, Premier, Pro Tools, Logic, Adobe CS, Lightroom, Photo Mechanic etc etc... Many people use more than one of these apps in their workflows, but find that getting content from one to the other isn't always as straight forward as they'd like. 

With those years of user experience in the bag, Sick Mac can bring creative thinking and new ways of designing and creating your workflow, specific to the tasks you need to perform. By saving you even 2 clicks per task over a week of production, this could seriously speed up your productivity.    

We would generally advise an on-site visit in order to gather information about your specific production, and would then recommend a way of executing the workflow.     

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